When compared with similar data collected by the United Health Foundation's recently released annual America's Health Rankings and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Health Assessment Resource Center reported that 17.4 percent of Coachella Valley residents were in fair and poor health, more than twice the statewide average of 8.1 percent. THE EIGHT is dedicated to preventing and controlling diseases and enhancing family health. 

THE EIGHT is dedicated in helping to prevent and controlling diseases, to provide self-sufficiency opportunities for organic learners, youth, and adults through creative entrepreneurship training, life skills, and basic essentials Our past, present and future sucess is stemmed from presenting the 8 Dimensions of Wellness to under-informed local and national  community members so they may achieve wellness in all areas in ALL areas of their lives.
"Help to Be the WE in Wellness
so our Homes & Communities can
REAP the Harvest of Wellness"

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