THE EIGHT advocates a support-based reform agenda with the primary goal to provide and strategically align the necessary resources so that each person seeking our services, will have the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of success to lead a healthy and productive life.


We offer a variety of seminars for teens, parents, teachers and nonprofits – all designed by health educators and life coaches who specialize in helping families make responsible decisions. Parents are guided on how to tackle a variety of issues within their own value system.

Making A Difference In The Coachella Valley!

Since April 2006, The Eight  Continues to Build Partnerships and  Fuse Services in Support of a "Well" community.

(1) Career Services consisting of ongoing job counseling and advice; access to innovative job readiness programs, internship and apprenticeship opportunities and a regularly updated list of job openings; and assistance with resume-writing, job interviewing and professional etiquette.

(2) Housing Assistance including apartment and broker listings, and assistance with rental applications.

(3) Financial Management Training comprising practical instruction in budgeting, banking (including establishing Individual Development Accounts), bill paying, borrowing and managing debt, and credit.

(4) Educational Consulting consisting of guidance counseling; GED and SAT preparation; counseling and support for college-bound students as well as college students; and extensive information on scholarships and financial aid.

(5) Health Services including eligibility screening for health insurance and information on health care services.

(6) Hard & Soft Life Skills instruction including introduction to technology, the ins-and-outs of renting an apartment, finding and keeping a job, the basics of nutrition and coping with stress.

(7) Mentoring Services including peer to peer support, job mentors, independent living mentors, and guest mentors.

(8) Identification (I.D.) Portfolio Assistance to ensure that all students and employable candidates obtain a birth certificate, social security number and state-issued I.D.

(9) Counseling and Support Groups dealing with issues such as independent living; bereavement & trauma; relationships; substance use & abuse and anger management.

(10) Leadership Training including a diversified advisory to ensure appropriate, effective and high quality programming.

(11) Recreational and cultural activities including access to creative arts programs.

(12) Distributing basic essentials, food, hygiene and clothing as first response to unforeseen crisis.