Earthquakes may happen anywhere you work, live, or travel. Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills are our chance to practice together how to protect ourselves, and for everyone to become prepared. The goal is to save lives and prevent disasters from becoming catastrophes. See 2017 PRESS RELEASE and plan to be a part 10:18 am on October 18, 2018!


THE EIGHT, First Steps Prenatal Care and millions of participants who want to take earthquake-safe action when seconds count. In order to act quickly, you must practice what to do – ShakeOut is that opportunity. Register for free (select Earthquake/CA ShakeOut while completing the Workshop form)to learn more about what to do.

Free Health Screenings, Resources, and Giveaways offered after the drill.  GO TO EARTHQUAkE RESOURCES FOR DOWNLOADS, VIDEOS, ETC.

Invite friends and family to practice for their safety, too!

REGISTER AS A SHAKEOUT PARTICIPANT. (FREE)  As a registered participant, you will learn what you can do to get prepared. Be counted in the largest earthquake drill ever. Receive The Eight news and other information regarding your community.
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